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About K’S PATH

An Animal Welfare organization with a broad range of animal and habitat related programs.

The Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat, better known as ‘K’S PATH’ (kay’s path), is a non-profit organization with a big name, and an even bigger mission. A quick look into the lives of animals in Kuwait will reveal a variety of hardships and obstacles. K’S PATH is here to address their needs.

Our work with wildlife includes the rescue and sanctuary of animals indigenous to Kuwait and the region as well as more exotic species that are illegally sold as pets and into private collections. When possible, we act to rehabilitate these animals with the intention of releasing back into the wild. We also act to protect Kuwait’s bird population. Far too many migratory and native bird species are shot and injured or killed by poachers each year. These acts of wanton waste are undertaken despite strict anti-hunting laws prohibiting all forms of capture or kill of any animal species. K’S PATH’s work includes intensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and sanctuary of birds as well as lobbying the appropriate government ministries to implement legitimate protection programs for the incredible range of species that call Kuwait home year round or seasonally.

Of particular concern are the destruction and over use of Kuwait’s coastal and offshore ecosystems. In keeping with K’S PATH’s commitment to habitat, we have entered into partnership with en.v, a regional force in social and environmental responsibility, as well as a range of top-tier sponsors (visit for more information), to establish the first consistent, goal-oriented marine conservation program in Kuwait’s history. This program includes weekly clean up of several ecologically important beaches, an intensive schedule of school visits, and important work in documentation of environmental conditions that effect local marine organisms.

Beginning 2011, K’S PATH began using specialized wildlife cameras to study populations of native wildlife and is in the process of pursuing grant level sponsors to expand our ability to protect species such as Rüppell’s fox (vulpes rueppellii), and spiny-tail lizards (uromastyx aegyptius, etc). K’S PATH is also working with Kuwait Oil Company to protect and in some cases relocate these species away from developing areas. It is important we act now to prevent the continued loss of these amazing creatures.

Our work with equine includes the rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary of horses and donkeys. Our most frequent guests and residents in this group are the often forgotten donkeys of Kuwait whose neglect and rampant abuse leaves them in a pitiable condition. Years of intensive love, good food, and first-class medical care are needed to rehabilitate these incredibly complex animals.

As of January 2010, K’S PATH has partnered with Kuwait Oil Company to implement the first humane animal control program in Kuwait’s history in the town of Ahmadi and in key oil production areas. This program uses effective and humane techniques and equipment brought from countries including the UK and USA. This four year, non-profit program is a significant step forward in our drive to see humane animal control implemented nation-wide. We continue to lobby the Public Authority for Agriculture to allow us to assist in building a complete program.

The past year has also seen the addition of a full-time veterinarian to our staff as well as a veterinary nurse and two program management staff, bringing our total full-time workforce to 15. All of these and our ever growing and much appreciated cadre of volunteers are needed to effectively and professionally conduct the variety of projects we are running at any given time.

Finally, K’S PATH continues to provide much needed sheltering for the needy companion animals of Kuwait. In addition to a roof, we provide training, socialization, in-house medical care, and professional behavioral assessments. The word is out: get your next pet from K’S PATH and you’ll get the best animal and the best service in the country. Our adoption numbers are up not because our animals have gotten more amazing but because our dedicated staff continues to work tirelessly to bring you the happiest, healthiest, and safest animals available. Adopt!

At K’S PATH, we strive to identify and meet the needs of animals and the environment in Kuwait with the help and cooperation of Kuwaitis and Expatriates as well as applicable government agencies. We appreciate your interest in our organization and invite you to learn more by visiting us at, emailing, and searching K’S PATH on Facebook. Together we can make Kuwait a better place to live for every creature.

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