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How to adopt

You are about to take the first step in a very exciting journey!

Congratulations on your decision to bring home a new family member! K’S PATH only allows the adoption of companion animals, i.e. dogs, cats and certain smaller animals. Our adoption process involves 4 steps:

Step 1: View K’S PATH’s animals for adoption online

To get you started, we recommend visiting our website to have a look at the many animals up for adoption. This includes dogs, cats and small animals. We also post weekly alerts/ads about animals for adoption on our Facebook page.

Step 2: Call K’S PATH’s Shelter Line at (+965) 67001622

Give us a call to schedule a date and time for you to visit the shelter to enable us to begin the process of matching you with a pet considering your living situation, your experience in pet care, and commitment in terms of time and effort.

Step 3: Prepare

You are requested to bring the following with you to your shelter appointment:

-1- A copy of your civil id/passport
-2- Proof of vaccination for current pets in your home, if applicable
-3- Adoption fees for companion animals, which stand at
KD 30/- for a puppy or a dog
KD 30/- for an adult cat
KD 30/- for one or two kittens

These fees help us to vaccinate, sterilize, and otherwise care for our animals. If you are unable to pay, please contact us. We will try to work around your budget!

Download a map to our shelter from our website and note our timings.

Step 4: Visit the shelter

You are about to take the first step in a very exciting journey! If you are adopting a dog, please bring in all members of your household to meet their new pet. If you already have a dog at home, please bring him or her along. Please do not bring along any cats you have at home. Adoptions are not permitted to minors or representatives of a household such as drivers or domestic help. You are requested to come in yourself to make the important and responsible decision of giving our animals a new home.

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